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Purchase, delivery and support.

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 1:00 pm
by Nayakayee
Purchase, delivery and support related questions.

Re: Purchase, delivery and support.

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:34 pm
by Nayakayee
- I did take a look at your Price section and I've noticed that for log designing you offer two different options. The first one is for EUR 2,850 for commercial package and a free version for private use. Can you explain the differences between the two?
- As for the license options, the Free version is for educational, demo and private usage. The restrictions are that it requires an internet connection and you get "not for commercial use" watermarks on all the drawings. The commercial package is for wood construction companies. There are no differences in functionality between them, except for the described.

- How much is K3-Cottage postage and handling for the USA?
- The shipping is free to anywhere in the world.

- How do I purchase K3-Cottage?  What forms of payment?
- Presently, the K3-Cottage is sold via an international money transfer. We send  you an invoice and when the money gets to our bank account we ship you the program with a courier. Paypal payments are available too.

- How much is the ArchiCAD add on?
- ArchiCAD import/export module is already included and is supplied with Full Commercial Package with no extra charge.

- Hi, wondered where I can buy your log cabin design software.
- The K3-Cottage is designed and produced in Russia. The program is shipped from Russia via an international delivery company, shipping is free to anywhere in the world. The software can also be purchased at Moscow Wood Technology Expos, information about expos is regularly updated on our site.

- Is K3-Cottage sold with subscription license?
- No, the K3-Cottage license is unlimited in time. When buying the K3-Cottage you pay only once.

- How do I get the updates?
- The purchase of K3-Cottage includes one year of free updates to new versions released. If you want to get the updates after a year from purchase, you need to pay the One Year Support which costs 12% of the cost of the program.

- How tech support is organized?
- We guarantee a 0-24 hours e-mail technical support from Monday to Friday. But normally we would help you faster by Skype or online message support on our site depending on the availability of specialists.